Home Stretch

You’re all settled in our blogging habits now, and I think you’re a pretty impressive bunch.

Remember that the private comments I make in Carmen are to help you improve the style and grammar of your blogs, and I will be awarding a supplementary mark to those who go back over their work and correct errors.  You’ve got a lot of time to do this, but why not start now?

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Adding a video

Some of your posts on Sheryl Sandberg are really good.  What would make your blogs really “POP,” though, would be to add the video clip to your page.


To embed a video, you can now enter the URL (not the embed code) into your page.
If you need to alter the size of your video, instructions are here:

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Week 2

I think everyone is settling in to blogging, although most of you still need to set up your blogrolls. I’ve put some instructions at the end of this post for those of you who don’t know how to do that.

I read all your posts twice.  I read them on the blog, where I look for links, images, and general readability, and I might make a general comment at that time.  Then I head for Carmen, where I make private comments on grammar, style, and other elements of your work.

What makes a good blog post?

Noel Hollyberry has quite a passionate post about the media’s use of images of women.  I think this is an example of a good blog post, because she really analyzes the problem, and because she has used a photo to help make her point  (this also means that more people will read her page, and they will probably stay on the page longer).  Noel also takes great care to cite everything she’s used, and she provides us with a link to see the video.  If I have a criticism, it would be that the link should go within the text, because some people (like me!) forget to scroll down to the very end.

Sunburst Gibson’s post on gender and identity in Second Life is definitely worth a read. He has found diverse opinions from many blogs about Second LIfe, and worked them into his own theory of virtuality.  Those of you who are unsure of what constitutes a good blog post should look at Sunburst’s argument — it’s a nice combination of personal opinion and research, and he uses links to allow us to check his research.  Nice work!


Go to the dashboard (click the blog name next to the W at the very top left , then choose “dashboard”). Go down the list to “links” and add the addresses of the other bloggers in our course. Be sure to click “blogroll” at the very bottom of the page.  Use my blogroll for the addresses of the other bloggers.

If the theme you’ve chosen doesn’t have a blogroll, it’s very easy to add one.  Go to the dashboard, and choose “>>appearance >>widgets.  All the elements you see on that page can be dragged into the “primary widget area” — that’s the column at the top right.  Just click and drag it over into the right-hand column, and your blogroll will appear.  Remember, you should be keeping up with your fellow bloggers — you’re always welcome to include comments on what they’ve written in your own posts.

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Class begins on Tuesday

It’s been quite a week, getting everyone though orientation without major mishaps.  I’m always glad when this part of the course is over. I decided to celebrate by redecorating my blog.  I think this looks sharper, and it’s easier to read.

I’m still not completely sure who is a blogger and who is working in SL, so forgive me if I’m a bit muddled.

Those of you who will be blogging should be settling into a routine.  There are blog posts most Mondays and Wednesdays, and quizzes most Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As you know, the blog post topics are in the Weekly Topics file in Carmen, and the quizzes appear on the first page of our Carmen site. It’s pretty easy to get an A on the quizzes, as you can do them over twice. They’re not particularly difficult, if you’ve done the reading.

Right now I’m setting up my blogroll, as the addresses come in.  As you’ll see, we’ve already got some pretty talented bloggers in our class! Set up your own blogroll, using mine as a model:

(1) Click on the top left-hand corner of your blog to open the Dashboard

(2) Go down to >Appearance >Links and be sure that you have a “links” heading in the top left-hand corner of your screen (The Primary Widget Area). If there’s no “links” in the Primary Widget area, drag-and-drop the “links” icon into that box. The “links” icon is in the column right next to the Primary Widget Area.

(3) Now you’ve established a blogroll area, go back to the main menu (the dashboard menu). Move up higher on the Dashboard menu, and choose >Links.  Enter the addresses you want to appear in your blogroll. BE SURE to click the “blogroll” box at the bottom of that page.

I’ve already had one question on blogging: how much should you go over the word limit? My answer was that you shouldn’t try to write too much in a blog post, because if it’s too long people won’t read it, and we’re writing our blogs with the idea that we will have an effect on our readers.  The challenge of a blog is to be clear and concise.  You’ll have more of an impact that way. However, there’s no penalty for going over the word limit.

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Welcome bloggers!

I haven’t set this up for class yet, but you go right ahead and get started.  Sign up for your own blog, and after you pick your theme, look for the “edit” button and begin your first post.  Don’t forget to send me:

1. your avatar name

2.your blog address

3. your choice of topic for the paper






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